Chauncey Coventry

Map for Chauncey CoventryChauncey is one of the oldest children of Robert and Rachel Coventry. (At least, I think he is. Do I need to start every post in this series with “I think…”? Cuz I have no direct evidence, so, yeah, I probably do.)

I first found Chauncey when I found the record on for Robert and Rachel Coventry. But, alas, no sources. So I am researching him without being completely certain he’s my g-g-g-g-grand-uncle. That’s ok though.

Since then I have found him in the following:

Evidence that ties him to this family:

  • The Find a Grave reference to his birth in 1821 says he was born in Hillsdale. James Spencer Coventry was also said to have been born in Hillsdale in 1822. The family was most likely in Columbia County until sometime in the 1820s.
  • He lived much of his life in Liberty, Sullivan, NY, where Robert Coventry was found in 1830.
  • Spencer Swart is living with the family in 1855 at age 8, and 1860, age 13. In 1855, the census gives relationships, and it lists him as a Nephew. Could that be the clue to a sister’s surname? And…that’s not the last time we’ll see that surname…


  • Where was he in 1850??! He’s not in the US census indexes for that year, so I probably need to go page-by-page through the city records to see if he’s really there.
  • Where should I look for his death information in 1890?
  • Was there a New York census for 1885? Is his wife shown as being with him again?


  • Check with Sullivan County for death records in 1890 (e-mail sent)
  • Find original Sullivan County Democrat reference to Chauncey’s death (copy on FindAGrave)
  • Check into Hillsdale church records for his birth the 1820-1828 time frame
  • Check into Hillsdale history for the same time frame

I am really hoping his death record will show his parents’ names.

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