James Spencer Coventry

James Spencer Coventry, known as Spencer Coventry in most records, came under the radar as a possible child of Robert and Rachel Coventry because he is the only Coventry living in Broome, Schoharie, NY, in 1850. That is the same town that Rachel Coventry was found in in 1840, with children who were about 10 years older than the children who were living with Robert Coventry in 1830 in Liberty, Sullivan County, with the addition of two more children.

I compared the neighbors of Rachel in the 1840 US Census and the neighbors of Spencer Coventry in the 1850 US Census, and there are multiple people who show living close to both of them, so I do believe that Spencer is living in the same place in 1850 that Rachel lived in 1840, here are their neighbors that were the same in both:

  • George Cook(e)
  • Christopher Hogaden/Hagadorn
  • Philip Couchman
  • Obediah Hoskins/Haskins
  • Cornelius Decker

Here are the additional records I’ve got for him:

The main threads that tie him into the family are that:

  • He appears to live in the same place that Rachel Coventry lived in 1840
  • From the correspondence, he was supposedly born in Hillsdale. Since that was about 1822, that is the exact place that Robert Coventry lived, and where Chauncey is said to have been born in 1821.
  • James, being his first name, was his grandfather’s name. Interesting though that he went by his middle name.
  • His son’s name is George Clark Coventry, Clark was Rachel’s maiden name.

Next steps:

  • I need to order his death certificate. Hopefully that will give his parents’ names!
  • Look for him in the 1892 NY Censu.? Will try to find him by going page by page, but he could have lived in Broome, Middleburg, Coxsackie, Livingstonville, or elsewhere…..
  • Get the name of the cemetery he is buried in, maybe they have some records too.
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