Calvin Coventry

Calvin Coventry MapCalvin Coventry was born around 1825-1826, which would make him the 4th child of Robert and Rachel Coventry. Calvin was part of this family on this page, but without knowing where this information came from, well, I’m still looking for evidence, but there is a good case to be made.

He is found in the following records:

So what ties him to this family? The first piece is the mention on the Ancestry page linked to above. Obviously, that is just a hint to move us in the right direction, but here are a few other pieces that tie him to the family:

  • In 1850, Sarah J. Swart is found living with the family in Salisbury, CT. Other Swart children are found living with Chauncey and Hulda in later years. (See Cynthia Coventry for more info.)
  • Salisbury is just across the border from the southeastern most part of Columbia County, and just a few miles away from where Hulda settled, in North East, Dutchess County, New York.
  • He didn’t stay there for long but soon moved to Liberty, Sullivan County, where the Robert Coventry Family was found in 1830, and where Chauncey was found from 1855 on.
  • Mahala Coventry is living in his household in 1860. She and Sherwood Coventry were living with Rufus Clark in 1850. Rachel Clark Coventry has a brother named Rufus Clark (another post entirely).
  • He is listed on the same page as Chauncey Coventry in the gravestone inscriptions book. It’s not in order by date, or by alphabet, so I am wondering if it was ordered by place they were buried.


  • Where did Calvin meet his wife, where is her family from? That will help know where he was between 1840 and 1850, and see if that matches where I think the family is from.
  • What does his death certificate say, who are his parents? Should be able to get it from Bethel, NY.
  • What took him to Connecticut prior to 1850?
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