Hulda Jane Coventry

Hulda Jane Coventry Owen MapHulda Coventry was born ~1830, which would make her the 6th child of Robert and Rachel Coventry, the 2nd daughter.

Here is her timeline and the records I’ve found her in:

What ties her to this family?

  • I first found her because she was living with my ancestor, her brother William Coventry in the 1900 census. Or, more accurately, he was living with her, and his relationship to her is shown as her brother. Since her married name is given, I was able to trace her back through the censuses (though she was often listed as Jane Owen rather than Hulda Owen).
  • Another item that ties her to this family is that Loren Swart is living with her during 1860, and two other Swart children are living with Chauncey and Calvin from 1850-1860.)
  • This one is a little bit of a stretch, but their son William C. was shown in a couple censuses as being born in Connecticut in around 1855. (Those that don’t show him being born there seem less accurate overall.) This is the same general time frame that Calvin lived in Connecticut as well, so perhaps they lived in the same area?

Next steps:

  • See if there are any land records for Alonzo Owen in Connecticut during that time frame. Look into what records are available for that area then.
  • Find Alonzo Owen’s probate records on FamilySearch. I have seen them before but can’t seem to find them at the moment so…. (maybe it was just the index?)
  • Alonzo was married before Hulda; he is shown alone in 1850, but shows a daughter “E” or “Agnes” born ~1848, before Alonzo and Hulda were married. He is about 15 years older than Hulda. Where was E or Agnes in 1850…? He was alone. Could there have been even older children?
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